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Member of parliament. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Member of Parliament. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Member of Parliament 1
Meaning of the dream: hopes dashed

Member of Parliament in session 83
Description: treat yourself to a little rest

Members of parliament 4
Interpretation of the dream: possibility of gains

be part of parliament 18
Translation: renewal of friendships

parliament building 8
Dream description: hard struggles to sustain

attend a session of parliament 24
Meaning: quarrels with neighbors

parliament 10
Translation of the dream: hard struggles to sustain

seat parliament 70
Interpretation: good health

Member of the Senate 30
Sense of the dream: fortune

inaugurate parliament 58
What does it mean: sorrows

Parliament dissolved 58
Meaning of the dream: useful clarifications

dissolve parliament 59
Description: confused

Parliament in session 46
Interpretation of the dream: unwelcome chatter

small member 41
Translation: you should resize your inferiority complexes

amputated member 27
Dream description: dangerous situation

scientific member 37
Meaning: careful not to carouse

member of the political 90
Translation of the dream: waste of money

burning member 74
Interpretation: sudden surprises

Member cut 22
Sense of the dream: poverty

member genital 29
What does it mean: sexual desire

honorary member 43
Meaning of the dream: dangerous hazards

have more than one member 43
Description: you do not feel sexually normal

male member 29
Interpretation of the dream: balance

individual member 34
Translation: concerns

be a member 40
Dream description: bitterness of love

limb see a member articulated 53
Meaning: You meet a dear old friend

Member erection 40
Translation of the dream: desire

Member inert 27
Interpretation: you can not demonstrate your ability

a selfish family member 47
Sense of the dream: will and decision

have member for a woman 10
What does it mean: envy the very rock male

disinherit a family member 53
Meaning of the dream: unreasonable obstinacy

frame member 72
Description: reflections in religion

limb 6
Interpretation of the dream: desire for understanding

councilor killed 56
Translation: sympathy lightning

prefectural councilor 5
Dream description: new forces

interpellation 83
Meaning: secret pleasures

House of Representatives 78
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

town councilor 25
Interpretation: Hidden Dangers

limb pain 72
Sense of the dream: support from children

senator 40
What does it mean: bad news

Councilor crazy 42
Meaning of the dream: friendship in danger

reeducate a limb 10
Description: change of activity

reelect a councilor 42
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in work

cabinet drawer 42
Translation: contrasts with brothers

Minister board 43
Dream description: excessive curiosity

deputy 26
Meaning: dishonest

organ 51
Translation of the dream: deception in love

deputy voting 14
Interpretation: donation from a relative

to subscribe 6
Sense of the dream: unnecessary apprehensions

Left deputy 35
What does it mean: impending problems

to belong 29
Meaning of the dream: original ideas

Deputy reading 74
Description: being unstable

re-elect a deputy 78
Interpretation of the dream: excessive vanity

deputy of the Right 69
Translation: return of a loved one